Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy - Continue Education for Mental Health Counseling

Looking for helpful continuing education courses to expand your knowledge base and to help improve your treatment methods is important for social workers, marriage and family therapists and psychologists. One online course called Emotionally focused couples therapy: An attachment approach to relationship Issues offers 6.0 CEU credits to those who complete it on their Mac or PC. Emotionally-focused therapy or EFT addresses prominent issues of distressed couples with attachment issues.

More about the Emotionally focused couples therapy: An attachment approach to Relationship Issues Course

First developed in the 1980s by Johnson and Greenberg, EFT offers 20 years of research with 90% of couples showing improvements with this treatment method. This therapy model associates relationships with emotional bonds. A therapist can help couples to attend to basic attachment issues with various interaction adjustments. This course uses role play, film clips, and lecture material to demonstrate how this approach builds successful intimate relationships with interdependence.

Taught by Ann Margulies, LMFT, a certified EFT supervisor, this course focuses on couples therapy and attachment theory, in which she is an expert. Some objectives of this online course include learning how to describe how to apply attachment theory to adult relationships. Participants will also learn EFT interventions related to different interactions. Lastly, you will be able to describe key change processes.

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