Child Abuse Assessment - Continue Education for Mental Health Professionals

Child abuse is a sensitive topic for anyone working with families or children. As mental health professionals, it’s important to learn the latest treatment methods and strategies of effectively helping individuals who have suffered abuse. The Child Abuse Assessment, Reporting, and Treatment: review and update continuing education psychology course from Professional Psych Seminars does exactly that. This course gives an overview of the issues of assessment, reporting, and treatment of child abuse to those entering the field and seasoned clinicians alike.

About the Child Abuse Assessment Course

In the Child abuse assessment, reporting and treatment: review and update continuing education psychology course, licensed educational psychologists (LEPs) can fulfilled their requirement of taking this for their CE requirements. This class will meet or even exceed the licensing prerequisites for training in child abuse assessment and reporting for psychologists and other mental health professionals under the California Business and Professions Code. It will also offer interesting and useful review and update to licensed professionals too who would like to expand their knowledge base on the topic.

This 7.0 CE credit class will define different types of abuse and neglect under California law, describe the steps in when and how to report abuse and differentiate between mandatory and non-mandatory reporting. Next, it will list treatment issues and strategies for working with families, perpetrators and abuse survivors. Lastly, it will describe two key elements in the assessment of the presences of either neglect or abuse in your patients. The course is taught by Daniel O. Taube, J.D., Ph.D., a professor of at the California School of Professional Psychology and the founder and coordinator of the Forensic Family Child Track.

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