Brain Change Therapy For Anxiety Disorders And Trauma - CEU Seminar for Psychologists

Brain Change Therapy for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma by Carol Kershaw, Ed.D. can provide you with the continued education needed to help your patients live fulfilling lives. The course is easy to manage with online options and easy access when it fits into your schedule. Carol Kershaw is a licensed psychologist in Texas and is the co-director of the Milton Erickson Institute of Houston, making her an authority on the topic and able to pass on the knowledge eloquently.

What to Expect from Brain Change Therapy for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma

The course Brain Change Therapy for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma is intended to teach clinicians the value of using techniques that produce different mental states. Brain Change Therapy utilizes three modalities, allowing clinicians to assist the client in altering neural patterning and move attention to the positive states of mind from the negative states of mind. The three modalities include conversational hypnotic suggestion, deep state work processing archetypal images and brain change technologies. The entire course consists of research, exercises, and video to help relay the information to the clinicians.

What You Will Walk Away with After the Professional Psych Seminars Course

In completing this course, the participants will demonstrate three new strategies for inspiring change in psychotherapy, be able to name the seven emotional circuits and how to use them in problem-solving and describe to how to start creative brain-change options to reduce symptoms of trauma and anxiety. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Carol Kershaw students will enjoy an educational experience that will bring them positive results. Through coursework that is self-directed and easy to fit into your schedule, you will be able to get the best options for your patients.

Don’t Wait to Learn More About Brain Change Therapy for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma

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