Borderline Personality Disorders - Mental Health Counseling CEU Course

When it comes to finding CEU online courses, the borderline personality disorders is one for marriage and family therapists to help explore this illness deeper. Borderline personality disorder is a mental illness that is associated with patterns of moods, self-image issues and destructive behaviors. These symptoms usually result in impulsive behaviors that lead to problems in relationships with others. Someone with borderline personality disorder can experience anxiety, depression and anger, all within a few hours or days of time. Typically, these symptoms arise in adolescence or early adulthood. The borderline personality disorders CEU online course is taught by John Preston, Psy.D.

More About the Borderline Personality Disorders Continuing Education Course

The borderline personality disorders MFT CEU online course offers strategies for treating borderline personality disorder patients. Some of these treatment options include understanding common factors that lead to dyscontrol, how to stabilize neurobiology, how to assess ego functions, how to help patients control their emotions, and coping techniques. This online CEU course will also explore the management of both self-mutilation and suicidal behavior as well as other behavioral treatment approaches to this mental illness.

Taught by John Preston, Psy.D., a psychology professor at Alliant International University, he is the author of 14 books all associated with mental illness disorders. This course will help health professionals to identify diagnostic skills needed for assessment of this disorder, learn how to describe how neurobiology impacts explicitly how the disorder develops and is managed over time as well as how to manage symptoms over time.

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