Advance Therapeutic Strategies With Eating Disorder Patients - Behavioral Health CE Course

When you’re looking for online courses to expand your knowledge base and treat your patients more efficiently, try Professional Psych Seminars’ large network of online courses and live seminars. The Advanced Therapeutic Strategies for Eating Disorder Patients online course can help mental health professionals like yourself with difficult cases concerning patients with eating disorders. This online class is designed to increase the skill level of therapists that are working with complicated family dynamics. This treatment approach hopes to improve the treatment plans of dealing with sensitive subjects.

More About This Eating Disorders Online Course

The Advanced Therapeutic Strategies online course also adds new diagnostic categories including night eating syndrome, diabulimia, and binge eating disorder. Eating disorders are notorious for causing malnutrition which affects the brain, body, and psyche. People with these disorders require an extensive and experienced team of specialists to help them. This online course explores strategies for working with families and guidelines for when to seek more serious care such as when to admit someone to a hospital.

After taking this continuing education course, a mental health professional will be able to describe standard medications and treatments for their eating disorder patients. They also will be able to identify the new categories of eating disorders, offer a more specific and more accurate diagnosis to patients, and a variety of treatment approaches. Lastly, this online course will explain when to refer a patient to more strict care and how to resume working with a patient after they are discharged from a facility or hospital. This course is taught by Deirdre Moriarty, a licensed psychologist and Eating Disorder specialists. She is also an adjunct professor as well as the core instructor at JFK’s University Eating Disorder certificate program.

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