CEUs For Psychologists - ADHD Online Course

When you’re looking for CEUs for psychologists, try an ADHD online course from Professional Psych Seminars. The ADHD: Myths, Assessment and Treatment course is a great option. It is co-sponsored by the California Psychological Association and CPA’s Division of Neuropsychology. This course dives into the many myths or misconceptions associated with the cause and treatment of ADHD.

More about the ADHD: Myths, Assessment and Treatment Course

It’s essential for mental health professionals to be aware of the latest finding associated with improving their practice for the treatment of ADHD in their patients. This presentation uses various case studies to describe many neuropsychological approaches towards evaluating and outlining current interventions and treatments that work. This 3.0 CEU for Psychologists ADHD online course was created by Robert M. Gray, Ph.D., ABPP, a clinical neuropsychologist at Advanced Neurobehavioral Health. This course will describe the core symptoms and the DSM-based guidelines for treating and diagnosing ADHD. It also will identify a variety of models that emphasize the nature of the disorder. Lastly, it will discuss the typical developmental course of the disease and the common disorders associated with it.

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